A Note about Our "Graduates"

Every day millions of peopel enjoy healthier lives and less suffering after using homeopathy. To celebrate each person, we are now going to be listing the stories and statements of some of our patients who no longer suffer from chronic illness. We call these people our "graduates" because they have graduated from suffering and now can go into the world and embrace joy with a great smile and a healthy body, mind and spirit. We welcome you to join these graduates.

More graduates will be listed as time permits--we have a LOT of files to go through.

We are Healthy Again


Paul T., Green Bay Wisconsin: "I used to have awful allergies to casts. When my girlfriend moved in and she had a cat, I thought I would have to choose between her and the cat. But I saw Dr. Behnke and after the first homeopathic remedy I no longer have allergies. My now-wife and her cat are also grateful."

Bonnie D, DePere, Wisconsin: "I usually suffer so much with allergies when I visit my sister in Texas; but this time I took along a recommended homeopathic remedy from Dr. Behnke and I didn't sneeze or wheeze once! Everyone was so surprised."


Star T, Green Bay, Wisconsin: "I had asthma for more than half my life. The medical doctors all said I would have it for the rest of my life. I was on disability because of it. But I said no and saw Dr. Behnke. After working with her for 6 months, I no longer have daily wheezing as I had. I can now walk and run and live life. Thank you."


Angela C, Green Bay, Wisconsin: "I had breast cancer that metastasized. I didn't want to do chemotherapy so I contacted Dr. Behnke. She worked with me and discovered that I needed to change a few things in my life to give me a reason to live. Once I started doing that, my health improved and the cancer went away! Thanks for giving me my life back."

Emotional Turmoil

Paula K, Hobart, Wisconsin: "In 6 months of working with the homeopath I not only became pain-free but I also got over my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, painful periods and depression."

Alan S, Green Bay, Wisconsin. "I didn't want to die but didn't want to live either. I had been sick for most of my life and didn't want to suffer any more. A friend told me to try homeopathy so I did. Dr. Behnke gave me 1 pill and suddenly I seemed to feel a lot better and didn't have that despair that I normally felt. I am still working with her to heal some other things; but the suicidal depression doesn't hang over my head any more.

Luis C, Green Bay, Wisconsin: "I was frantic and saw Dr. Behnke. I had tried some anxiety drug from the doctor but it made me too sick to work. Dr. Behnke gave me Gelsemium and it worked great. I can go to work and not be sick from the side effects of a drug. It's great."


Paula K, Hobart, Wisconsin: "In 6 months of working with the homeopath I not only became pain-free but I also got over my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, painful periods and depression."

High Blood Pressure

Stan B, Sheboygan, Wisconsin: "After having radiation therapy for throat cancer, my blood pressure was always high, even with taking 4 different blood pressure drugs. After working with Dr. Behnke for 2 months, my blood pressure now reads 110/78 on average. I stopped taking the pills a long time ago too and the blood pressure is still good."


Gregory T, Dallas, Texas: "I had that <darn> pain in my knee for 10 years and nothing helped. The doctor was going to replace it but I didn't want to have surgery. It took only 1 visit with Dr. Behnke and I got all fixed up.

Terra Z, Marinette, Wisconsin: "I had tried everything for my migraines. I tried nearly every drug too, but the pain was so great and happened all the time, too often. I am only 27 and my doctor said I was just going to have to learn to suffer for the rest of my life. A friend told me about Homeopathic Centers of America and I figured I didn't have anything to lose. After starting the homeopathic medicine, I went a week without a migraine! Soon the time between migraines lengthened until I had no headaches at all but maybe once every couple of months, and those headaches weren't bad enough to keep me from work or doing things! Now I tell everyone I meed about Dr. Behnke and homeopathy."

Pityriasis Rubra Pilaris (PRP)

Jacob R, Detroit, Michigan: "I had PRP only about 3 months but I was miserable. The pain was severe and I missed a lot of school. My parents took me to see Dr. Behnke and within a week the PRP was gone!"

Alexander Z, Los Angeles, California: "My son Alexander is 3. He developed PRP after his father died. I didn't want to do the drugs so I read an article by Dr. Behnke and called her. She worked with Alexander and his PRP went away and hasn't returned."

Elizabeth J, Wausau, Wisconsin: "I found an article by Dr. Behnke about PRP and decided to her a try. I had PRP for 12 years and the drugs didn't help--they just made me sick. Within a month the rash was gone."


Kelly P, Madison, Wisconsin: "The pain was ruining my life. I was only 59 and I couldn't do anything but suffer. I was so desperate that I paid a natural person $10,000 for a 'guaranteed' cure fo the pain but I sill suffered despite it all. As a last-ditch effort I saw Dr. Behnke who squeezed me in at 8 in the evening. She gave me a little pill (a homeopathic remedy) and within 10 minutes the pain was gone. She gave me a few to take home and told me to to take them if I developed pain again. It has been 3 years and I still have the little bottle as the pain never returned. I even was able to move and take a job that I wanted, but I hadn't previously accepted because of the pain. I love homeopathy!"

Sinus Infections

Jason D, Green Bay, Wisconsin: "I had a sinus infection for 8 years. I took antibiotics all the time and even had sinus surgery twice. But I still had the infection. I went to my doctor and he told me there was nothing that could be done, and that I would have to live with it. I am only 28 and didn't want to suffer forever. As he left the room he had said something odd: 'Stay way from those natural stores.' I had never been to one of those natural stores; but now I went. They recommended a homeopath. I went for the first visit, was given a remedy. My sinuses opened up and drained after the first dose! I have had no problems since."

Molly G, DePere, Wisconsin: "My sister has cats and every time I visit her I have severe allergies and get a severe sinus infection even if I took the doctor recommended antihistamines and decongestants. I talked to Dr. Behnke about it because I was going to visit my sister over the summer for 3 weeks and I didn't want to be miserable. Dr. Behnke made recommendations and I had NO allergy symptoms at all during the whole time I was down there! It was truly amazing. I had the best visit I've had in so many years and am actually looking forward to next year."

Skin Ailments, in General

Joan K, Dallas, Texas: "I has a sore from my mastectomy that wouldn't heal. For 5 years I tried to get someone to help but no one could do anything. After talking to the homeopath I was given a remedy and the sore healed within 2 weeks. Amazing!"

Ellen G, Escanaba, Michigan: "The itching was driving me CRAZY. One visit with the homeopath fixed that."

Heather D, Green Bay, Wisconsin: "My daughter had a rare skin disorder. I didn't wan to put her on medical drugs; she was only 6, and the drugs weren't usually given for such a young age because they could be hazardous to her health. Within 2 days of taking the homeopathic remedy Dr. Behnke recommended, the rash disappeared and hasn't returned. The dermatologist said my daughter was just in 'remission' but I know it is gone for good. Thanks so much Dr. Behnke!"

Chronic Lyme Disease

Angie G, Appleton, Wisconsin: "I wanted to have a baby but the doctor said because of my chronic Lyme disease I couldn't have a healthy baby. I saw Dr. Behnke and she worked with me with homeopathy. I intended to get checked for Lyme disease again but I wound up getting pregnant. I had a healthy baby. The doctor checked me for Lyme and said it was gone."


Homeopathic medicines are not intended to treat, cure or prevent any health conditions. Although they are regulated by the FDA and classified as over-the-counter medicines, natural practitioners in Wisconsin cannot "prescribe" these medications--they are only recommended.

It is important that you seek medical care for diagnosis and treatment of any health concern you may have. Never stop taking a medically-prescribed drug or treatment without first discussing it with your medical doctor or pharmacist.