Book: Ailments From Medical & Dental Care, PDF

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Every form of medical or dental care has the capacity to cause a host of side effects depending upon the person’s constitution, with the effects ranging from a minor annoyance to death. For those requiring medical drugs for management of an illness, having to live with the side effects of the drugs is not an option. Unfortunately, sometimes those side effects are more debilitating than the symptoms of the illness that may befall the person. Fortunately, however, homeopathic clinicians since Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy, have documented those cases where a homeopathic remedy has helped with the side effects of medical drugs and the effects of medical and dental procedures. Ailments from suppression of symptoms, usually by drugs, have also been documented. This documentation has been compiled into an easy-to-use repertory to assist both health professionals and those who wish to manage the side effects of medical and dental care and medical drugs or to help heal ailments caused by suppression by medical drugs.

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A Story of Survival, Healing & Growth

My childhood was less than ideal. It was quite abusive. It took me many years before I was able to look back at it and feel proud about who I have become. To have endured the torment that I had faced and become a great healer and writer is quite an accomplishment. So I decided to share my story with others and hope that someone will know they can achieve what they want in life--it doesn't matter who did what--it matters who you are inside.

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