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Write an Article Save a Life

Why writing one article made all the difference.

Do You Swear to Tell the Whole Truth--Her Life Depended Upon It

 Her asthma had actually started in Third Grade even though she didn't develop the signs of asthma until some 6 years later. Anna, now 25, had been shy and withdrawn as she lived in fear. Her step-father, Mike, was a tyrant; his focus, it seemed, was how much he could punish Anna in one day. But his punishments weren't what most children receive-for Anna, it meant severe beatings, sometime to the point where she lost consciousness. 

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Do I See Me at All? Looking Through the Eyes of Fear

 We all have beliefs and perceptions about ourselves. Sometimes these are very evident; and sometimes we are unaware of them but they shape our lives through the decisions we make. Our perceptions of ourselves and our reality are often tainted by past experiences and the thoughts we formed during our youth. 

Bad Things Happen that Are Out of Our Control

But what happens next is entirely up to us.

Don't Listen to Those Who Tell You Everything is Your Fault

When this happens, it's time to walk away.

I Would Heal But...

What excuses do you use to keep yourself from healing?

It All Begins with a Belief

Everything you do today is a reflection of your beliefs.

All She Wanted to Do Was Dance

It had been 6 weeks since Brandi, 32, had taken her last step; she had no control over her legs, therefore walking was impossible. As part of a dance team, the inability to walk also meant she was unable to dance and make a living. As her dance partner felt he had given Brandi enough time to heal, he was now looking for another partner for the performance that was now only 8 weeks away. With the help of a healer, Brandi was able to explore the true reasons behind the paralysis and walk again. 

A Family Torn Apart--Whose Decision is it to Treat Cancer?

 Cancer is a terrible ordeal for any family to face. It can tear families apart when the person with cancer decides to choose alternative medicines over chemotherapy or radiation therapy. But whose decision is it to choose which the method that is best when it comes time to heal any illness, including cancer?