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Dangers of Self-Diagnosing

With the internet being filled with self-diagnostic tools, people often reach for the treatments found there. But what is more dangerous for self-diagnosing? Find out in this article.

One Life Gone: Stop the Deterioration of Health

 When I became more educated in medical drugs while in nursing school, I learned that many of the medical drugs I was taking were to manage the side effects of other drugs. As I worked in the nursing field, I saw this in most of my patients. At the first nursing home I worked at as an RN, I had one patient to whom I gave 10 different drugs each morning for breakfast. 

Iron-Deficiency Anemia -- How to Get the Most Iron Out of Your Supplements

 Iron-deficiency anemia (IDA), also referred to as just plain "anemia," is a medical diagnosis given to those who have fewer Red Blood Cells (RBCs) than normal. As a chief component of RBCs is iron, when there is a shortage of RBCs, deficiency in iron is usually the culprit. Many medical drugs and natural supplements bind to Iron in the stomach or blood rendering both ineffective. Learn what foods, supplements and drugs deplete Iron, and also lose their effectiveness because of the presence of Iron. 

Don't Delay Caring For Your Health by Searching for a Medical Diagnosis

Too many times I've worked with people who spent years looking for a medical diagnosis--all the while not caring for their health. You can care for your health while looking for that diagnosis.

If Money Wasn't an Issue and Time Was Not A Factor, How Would You Care for Your Health?

Many people look at time and money as restrictions for keeping themselves healthy. For example, they don't eat organic because organic fruits and vegetables are more expensive than GMO. Or there is no time to exercise. But if time and money weren't issues, what would you do to stay or be healthy?

Seriously, Just How Long Does it Take to Heal?

An in-depth look at healing - REAL healing.

"There's Nothing that Can Be Done"

Why you should NEVER believe these 6 words.

What Really Happens with Drug Side Effects and Adverse Reactions

All medical drugs have side effects and adverse reactions; sometimes they make no sense. Learn why the drugs make the effects on the body.

Do Your Actions Support Your Health or Disease, Part 1

What actions do you take each day--what do they support?

Do Your Actions Support Health or Disease, Part 2

Running a holiday sale or weekly special? Definitely promote it here to get customers excited about getting a sweet deal.

A Man Who Knows Himself Can Heal -- A Man Who Knows A Lot about His Disease Has Lost His Identity

To REALLY heal, a person has to know what makes things worse, better; he/she needs to know who they are.

Disease Management vs. Cure

With the high costs of maintaining a disease, many look to removing he disease. Learn how.

The 2 Primary Causes of All Disease


What is there were only 2 causes to all diseases? If those could be identified, then healing could occur for all illnesses right? Learn the 2 primary causes of all diseases and why those causes affect everyone in different ways.